Virgin Awards: Update 2 – Silicon Republic,, iRadio and WHIS are talking about MediStori!

So just nine short days ago I bit my lip and thought “Can I do this?”

I was so hesitant.

But then I remembered an image that a good friend had once messaged me:

And so – I did it – I entered the Virgin Media #VOOM Awards! 

Little did I know what a journey it would be in such a short time!

Currently I am now in the top 12 Irish businesses in the running and am now at the top of the GROW category for Ireland. How do I know this – because Silicon Republic told us so! Link here:

Additionally national radio station iRADIO came in to show their support and had me on their news bulletins all day Friday!

Over this last week the hashtag #votemedistori has received over 14 million impressions via the help of @mayohour @galwayhour and @irishhealthhour.

The World Health Innovation Summit team have too been a huge support and they are letting all of their networks know that they believe in what I am doing – they are also supporting their local community group We Amplify Cumbria to help those who suffered from the dreadful floods just a few short months ago.

And then to top it all, last night international media platform distributed an article about me that honestly brought tears to my eyes. So far it is being shared over 200 times across the world!



I am in awe of the support I am getting – and the support the work I am doing is getting. I am so happy to see people are not just voting because of my story – but because they see true value in what it is I am doing and that they see how MediStori could help them too. This is the most important thing.

I am so appreciative of all the support I am getting. I have been on Midwest Radio, CRC FM and Athlone FM and today at 12.30pm will be on Erris FM. I have been in the Castlebar Chamber Commerce Newsletters, Look West newsletters and Western People newspapers and international health digital strategist Marie Ennis O’Connor has even sent me out on her weekly updates! My children’s two schools have distributed over 1000 leaflets between them to get people to vote and even our local parish priests are supporting us!

Listen to interview with MidWest:

So what does this all this mean?

Well, it means it is looking very likely that I will now be pitching in LONDON in the beginning of JUNE!

I am not in this to just win money (though of course this would be a huge help to help me add more people to our team!) I have followed Richard Branson since I was a teenager and learned about him in school. I love his leadership style, his values and his mission to make the world a better place. He is my inspiration.

I wouldn’t be this far in the competition if it weren’t for my other inspirations – my amazing husband, my gorgeous children, my whole entire family – my friends, my colleagues, all of my community – and of course TEAM MEDISTORI. I am so glad to have had this opportunity and am enjoying the experience on the count down to MONDAY.

We are currently in 15th place and would love to be in the top 10 if possible!

We are also at 75% of our pledges so if you’d like to pledge this would be awesome too!

Here is the link to vote or pledge and thank you if you have done so already.



Kindest regards,

Olive and the MediStori team

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