Virgin Awards: First update – I have entered! Can I do it?

I have over 4,000 connections and interested to see what percent of you will engage…

Okay so two days I eventually got the courage and I submitted my social ethical enterprise into the @Virgin Media Business VOOM IMPACT Awards!

Okay so I know I should have started it a few weeks back but honestly this was a really a big deal for me to do. But why would entering a competition be difficult? Was it for lack of time or resources? No. It was only when I really thought about my hesitancy to do it, I had to think. What was really holding me back?

Eventually I figured it was for two reasons:1) I am not a natural competitor and 2) I am a natural worrier!

So regarding the competitive side – I honestly find it hard to go against other businesses! Awful right? How can I be in business if I can’t compete? Well the thing is I genuinely love to see people succeed. I’m not in the game to “win”. I hate to see people lose and be upset. I just like to see things work and for projects to be successful. As a natural collaborator I love to see people work together to achieve their goals. So sometimes when I have to go into competitive mode, I struggle a little.

But this changes when I am reminded about what it is I am doing too – I am IMPACTING on patients, carers and health professionals lives every single day. And to ensure I can continue to do this, I need to sit up, dress smart – and pitch! (And after all – if I do well, I can help others too when I’m rich and famous – much like Sir Richard Branson!)

So regarding the worrying – yes anxiety can sound like such a weakness, but really it isn’t always that way! Yes I worry about what people think; yes I worry about what people say; and yes I even worry about what people do. But because I worry about these things, I also make sure I set an example of how to treat people.

I care about peoples feelings. And because I care, I am always making sure that I am kind, positive and supportive of others – and this is not just because of a fear of “karma” biting me in the butt-  it is because I know what it’s like not to be treated that way.

So when entering into this competition I have decided now also to put my worries aside and put my “caring” hat on – and not worry to much about what could go wrong – but think of everything that could possibly go right – because I care about changing our health system for the better!

So I am asking of you, my 4000+ followers – will you give me your vote?

If I only got 1% of you to VOTE for me, that would be so amazing. I have only 10 days left and so would love if I could start moving up the ranks. I am currently at 113th place and need to be in the top 60 to make it to a possibility of pitching in front of Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island.

I promise to help you out along the way if you ever need it.

Thanks so much,


#VOOM #virginmedia #virginbusiness

Please vote:

It takes less than a minute and costs nothing (though if you want to pledge that’s okay too!)

Please share with as many as you can, far and wide – THANK YOU SO MUCH!

One thought on “Virgin Awards: First update – I have entered! Can I do it?

  1. Here are a few comments from readers via my social media platforms:

    Michael Kinyanjui [Executive Director at APSO, Psoriasis disease advocate]
    Tagged: Africa Psoriasis Organization

    Stephen Geary [CEO at Sothic Bioscience]
    “The very best of luck with your campaign, hope you make it to Necker Island! you have my vote :)”

    Ann-Maria Feeney (Assoc) CIPD [HR Business Partner & Patient Advocate]
    “Olive O’Connor I have given you my vote….best of luck….I hope you win as there is no one more deserving that you to win the award”

    Steve Turner [MD of Care Right Now (Commmunity Interest Company)]
    “You have my vote too. It’s a truly patient led project, simple and effective, which is always the best way.”

    Ewan Muirhead [Operations Director at Conundrum Coaching]
    “You have my vote – spoken from the heart (just started writing on here so feel your intrepidation!). Good luck”

    Tony Murray [Senior Key Account Manager,Experienced Senior Executive,Regional & National Account…]
    “Hi Olive i have gave you my vote best of luck (-:”

    Oisin Kim [Co Founder and CEO at]
    “Well done Olive! Really hope you win :)”

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