Virgin Media Awards: Update 3

Who would put a Boeing 747 on a river? Who’d design paper health records in today’s world? None other than 2 Irish entrepreneurs in the #VOOM awards!


**Quirky Glamping and MediStori – Community Collaboration at it’s Best!**

Quirky Nights Glamping Village [yes the crew who brought the Boeing 747 unto the River Shannon!] and ourselves, the MediStori team [the crew who are changing health care globally!] are working together to support each other in the ‪#‎VOOM‬ awards!!!

We want to put Ireland on the map and show how two Irish companies join in true community spirit and work together to do this!

Quirky Glamping are now NUMBER ONE in the start up category of the #VOOM awards (YAY!) with over 5000 votes! They are a currently a startup company and need that much needed injection of investment to turn into a GROW company! Can you pledge TO HELP?

More than ever, Ireland needs this international tourism attraction like this so badly – especially after the years of recession we have just gone through!! We at MediStori support people, we support family, we support community and we support health – and as we also know happiness increases endorphines.

Having fun makes us healthier!

Quirky Glamping do just this – they bring the “happy” element into our community thus improving health for all!

So what is our CALL to ACTION on this update?

Well we at MediStori really need to get into the TOP TEN in our category. Quirky Glamping really need to now hit their CROWDFUNDING target.

We have only 24 hours to go before closing date on Monday 23rd May!!

Can we both do this??

Silicon Republic show us both as Number 1 Irish companies in our categories!


To share the MediStori link to encourage friends to vote:

To vote or pledge or share Quirky Glamping:

Let’s do this guys – let’s show what true community spirit is!

Thanks so much,

Olive and MediStori Team with David McGowan and Quirky Glamping team

#VOOM #whatsyourmedistori #quirkyglamping


We’re now in 11th place as of 12.41am Monday 23rd 2015!!!


Just another big push and we can be in the TOP TEN!!

Many thanks again also to Niall McGarry, and the and teams for supporting us. Their article has currently been shared nearly 600 times across the globe in just two days converting to hundreds of votes so far!! #wowzer

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