I have watched Olive build MediStori as a business for almost 4 years. She attended a training programme that I delivered in Castlebar and I have engaged with her since as an unofficial mentor. She was an exemplary student of business – open to learn, a contributor to discussions, a reflector on what the content meant for her business, and the first to implement agreed action plans. She is a brilliant networker. People like her. This means she gets things done even when resources are stretched. She has a brilliant grasp of patient needs and has developed a wonderful product. She is also able to share this insight in presentations to networking groups.

Personally, Olive is very passionate, has great empathy, is hugely generous, has strength and resilience and is courageous when facing new situations. I am delighted to write this recommendation on LinkedIn and wish her the best in work/ business and family and offer my continued support and friendship.

Jan 14, 2016, Donncha was Olive’s mentor

Donncha Hughes: Trainer, Mentor and Startup Business Advisor