Winning Special Merit Sccul Award

On January the 29th, 2015 I sat in the audience clapping for all the winners whose names were being pulled out for the Sccul Enterprise Awards in NUI, Galway. With over 160 businesses submitting entry’s, I was delighted to have even made the shortlist.Little did I know, that that list was going to get even shorter. Throughout the day people asked me if I was in for an award, and truthfully, I wasn’t really sure. I kept thinking to myself, I’d love to win a “One to Watch” award as it would nearly give me a challenge for next year! Anyway, I was having a great day and the buzz all around was electric. So I sat there looking up at the screen while it was announced that there were two special awards, also being given out. I sat back and relaxed because I knew this couldn’t possibly be my area…until suddenly…and the winner of the Special Merit Sccul Enterprise Award 2014 is…Minimate Limited. What was funny was that, I nearly didn’t recognise the company name was my own because I’m so associated with my product brand name, MediStori! Margaret Charlton from Enterprise Ireland had to prod me to get up as I was in shock! I was very emotional, as I had put in a very long and hard few years to get my business off the ground – and throughout it all, I stuck to my ethics and vision. A Merit Award couldn’t have made me feel prouder. And out of all of those amazing businesses also who had entered. I am proud to say I am an entrepreneur, and prouder to say I am a “mumtrepreneur”. Thank you to all the judges who believe in me – I promise I will always work hard to keep up to the standard of such a prestigious award.

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