We all have a story. This is mine.


Hello, my name is Olive.

Tonight (or today in some parts of the world) I share with you some precious moments of my life over the last four years, since founding my social ethical enterprise, which was born out of a pure need to just help other people.

I’m not going to fill you in here what my background is, but if you watch my video above in full, you will find that I know too well the difficulties that is that of manoevering through health services. But, and there is a but…

I am determined to make a difference.

And not alone, either…but with everyone, together.

I hope by sharing my story here, I will open up peoples minds about their perceptions of patients, carers and healthcare professionals.

Their perceptions of people. In general.

I want to lift the stigmas attached to those going through health issues, relationship breakdowns, financial difficulties or anxiety and depression.

I want to join the gaping holes that exist in health services that patients, carers, families and health care professionals can all too often fall into.

I want to educate everyone on what it is to get stuck in a never ending well of appointments, medications, conversations, complications and admissions.

I want to share my journey from the patients perspective.

I want to share my journey from a persons perspective.

A mums perspective.

It’s not an easy thing to do though. People can often make their mind up about you before they meet you.

I may come across as “naive” because I am honest enough to ask questions and not pretend I know what is being talked about but what I am really doing is making sure I have a clear picture of what is being said.

I may come across as “unfocused” because I talk about so many things at the same time, but in my head I am just joining the dots as part of the bigger vision.

I may come across as “too nice” when I talk about patients not paying the price for services, but in my head I know the value offering for the service this culture changing model will bring.

I have been told in a nice round-about-way that I would be better to stay at home or get a part time job, as I have “so much going on in my life”.

I have even been told that I’m a “risky” hire – “Oh, but what if the kids get sick!”

Oh, but what if.

Anyone at anytime in their life can become unwell. Without notice.

With one third of the globes population currently suffering from chronic conditions, the stats speak for themselves. And don’t get me started on road accidents, suicides or workplace incidents.

I am no riskier than the next person.

And nor is the woman who suffered from post natal depression two years ago and wants to go back to work now. Or the homeless man on the street, with a small dog by his feet. Or the family who live in a hotel because their house got taken from them. Or the single dad with three children.

You might find, if you give us a chance, we can actually be your best assets.

We work with passion.

I hope to inspire others to share their journey. I so deeply care about making our world a better place. I am a smart, proactive, solution based thinker and I know the key to success is through collaboration…and kindness! I hope to raise my beautiful girls to think the same.

I am so grateful for those that opened their eyes, ears and hearts (and sometimes even their wallets!) to help me on my journey to clearer, safer and healthier health services across the globe.

And I am looking forward to those who will help me now going forward.

My video above is a reflection on what have been some of the most happiest, and saddest days of my life. I hope it will inspire you to share your journey.

Thank you…

Olive x


For more on yours truly visit…

Website http://www.medistori.com
Twitter @medistori
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/medistori

I am also the Patient Lead for the World Health Innovation Summit

#WHIS16 #WHISCumbria16 #WHISLondon16


Please also use #hellomynameis whenever you get the chance, led out by the inspirational Kate Granger who has since sadly passed away.

One thought on “We all have a story. This is mine.

  1. Here are some of the comments from readers via my social media platforms:

    Paidi O Reilly [Innovation Specialist | Director R&D Centre | Adjunct Lecturer | Workshop Facilitator]
    “Emotional but incredibly inspiring …”

    Lisa Chalfa [Training & Development Customer Experience & Business Development Expert-Hospitality &Retail]
    “Wow, fantastic video Olive! Amazing achievements and hard work. You are ‘some woman for one woman’ and an inspiration to all. Keep up the great work.”

    Aodhnaid Lennon (Connolly) [Manager at Health & Wellness Centre, Carrigoran House, Newmarket on Fergus, Co. Clare]
    “Olive – I truly admire you & your honesty. Such an inspiration. So glad I clicked on this today”

    Dr. Joseph Dalton [Global Lead Digital Health Solutions at Novartis Business Services]
    “Fabulous Olive!! Reminds us what it’s all about. Thanks for being such a leader in life. Joe”

    Anne Marie Burke Cogan [ACCA Finalist, BA (Honours),QFA,CAT.]
    “Your honesty is remarkable.”

    Sandra Linnie [Children’s Hospital Group]
    “Very honest Video Olive, you certainly capture a patient journey from the heart, well done and keep up your fantastic work.😀”

    Deirdre McCarthy [Child Protection Social Worker at Tusla]
    “Olive O’Connor I sit here with no words that can justify how in awe I am of you! Well done X”

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