LEO Mentor (Local Enterprise Board)

Mentor Target Group: Very early start-up businesses / social enterprises

Speciality Area: Healthcare                                                            

Objective: I aim to assist young, entrepreneurial or aspirational people who have a concept or idea for a business by helping them make it a deliverable reality.

Background: I have over 20 years’ experience working in the business industry and founded my own award winning company in 2012. I have a passion to help others with getting their ideas for an idea off the ground. I have successfully mentored a vast number of entrepreneurs to date, and currently provide advisory services to numerous charities and social enterprises in both Ireland, and the UK. In 2015 I was commissioned by the HSE to lead and develop a national research project for my product MediStori, with an aim to inform policy makers on the implementation of patient held health records. Today, I sit on numerous advisory groups for the HSE, Department of Health and the NHS.

Aim: I have recognised that many entrepreneurs, have big ideas and drive, but they may lack the experience and/or skills in putting their concept into practice. I aim to help young start-up entrepreneurs write their business plans, develop their marketing/PR strategy, discuss methods of accounting and advertising, and finally, assist them with presenting their idea to key stakeholders, potential customers and/or investors. From experience, I know that it is not essential for start-up entrepreneurs to understand every aspect of the business world, however, I as a skilled mentor, will aim to give them knowledge in areas where they need good understanding in order to secure sales, buy in and investment.


  1. Help entrepreneurs produce a credible business plan and marketing plan
  2. Show entrepreneurs how to create and conduct engaging presentations
  3. Help entrepreneurs understand the importance of balancing cash flow and maintain accounts
  4. Assist entrepreneurs with networking opportunities and connections to key stakeholders
  5. Provide information on materials/events which may be of use to the entrepreneur