Speaking at MedTech (and many more!)

When I talk to those in the tech industry,  I usually get asked – “But why is  the MediStori not an app?” And the answer is simple – I asked my customers what they wanted, and this is what I was told. Additionally, there is the major point that most acute hospitals and GP’s do not have public Wi-Fi access and so how would people open their apps without having to pay for their own data?

Anyway, because I’m not a “techie”, I normally am not asked to go particular conferences or shows related to technology in healthcare. But I decided to see if I could go to MedTech’s event in Galway because I wanted to prove a concept that innovation isn’t always about technology. I didn’t think I’d stand a chance so you can imagine my surprise when I was told that my submission to MedTech’s Start Up Academy of Excellence 2014 was successful?

I was delighted because I wanted the opportunity to show that innovation comes from just finding out what the problems are, and meeting those needs, be it technology or otherwise. I also wanted to show that there is an urgent need, for unified, universal solutions and that we all need to work together to achieve this.

I often get asked to speak at many events as you can see from the images below!