In 2012, I founded Minimate Ltd (for profit social enterprise). The first of our products was a person-centred care plan called MediStori. You can find everything you need to know about my this project here. As planned, the principles, processes and ideology of MediStori are now being embedded into national care plans in the HSE, and I now work as an advocate, consultant and mentor to many in the public, voluntary and private sector.

I was commissioned by the HSE to lead out on a national research project of MediStori of which you can find the published paper here. I won numerous awards; An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, endorsed my work and MediStori; and I won investment on Dragons’ Den in 2017!

Please see below for some of the skill sets I have acquired.

2012 – 2018               Minimate Limited                                            Title    CEO / Creative Founder

Key Roles                    Health Innovator, Advocate, Facilitator and Educator

Key Duties                  To provide, manage, oversee and govern all areas of the business including:

  • Financial Planning/Management: Tax/ VAT Returns, Banking, Invoicing; Cash Flow Analysis, P&L Analysis and Projections, Pricing, Purchasing, PRSI/PAYE; Secure loans/investments, Business Plans
  • Human Resources: Manage, train, hire staff/interns and subcontracts in accordance with policy/law
  • Business Legal: Develop, overview, negotiate, secure – business contracts, patents/IP, CRO duties, employment contracts, mediation, investment contracts/negotiations, NDA’s
  • Marketing/Branding: Develop and deliver high level B2B and B2C marketing and branding campaigns via online & traditional means in-line with PR strategy & mission statement
  • Quality Control: Product development, production, delivery, customer service, IT, data protection, certification, logistics, stock control, risk assessments, office management, comply with GDPR.
  • Public Relations: Manage and lead on all public campaigns. Speak at conferences/events, radio (national/local), enter competitions (awards), speak on national TV, create social media campaigns in-line with PR opportunities, research data prior to presenting
  • R&D: Performed internally/externally using multiple evidence-based tools. Perform high level research documents / peer reviews, with proven track record. Advise numerous charities, universities and SME’s in development of committees, BoM and related to patient advocacy.
  • Governance: Overall governance of business, ensuring work ethics, policies and procedures are adhered to at all times, in-line with Company Board of Director management agreements.
  • Strategic Development: Design and develop strategic plans for business projections, implementation of product/services, integration of values, communications (internal/external); financial planning
  • Project/Time Management: Overall management of multiple business projects simultaneously at high level with exceptional proven outcomes, nationally and internationally.
  • Communications: Customer relations, B2B and B2C relations, media relations. literacy, specifically health literacy. Team/Internal communications. Communicate via blogs, social media, research papers, presentations and local/national media outlets (TV/radio/newspapers/conferences)
  • Analytics: Continually monitor – sales activity, customer relations, national/ international policy, social media activity, website activity, staff engagement/growth, investigate opportunities, data policies and all other relevant aspects of the company.
  • IT Management: Design, deliver and maintain high level ecommerce website and online portals through social media domains. Ensure all IT systems secure to protect data and sensitive information. Create/manage appropriate content in-line with sales, marketing and PR strategy
  • Consultancy/ Lecturing: Provide training, advice and consultation services to numerous health care related established and start-ups businesses, public bodies and charities. Provide essential toolkits and strategies to ensure patient safety is priority for those engaged in healthcare.
  • Design and Development: Solely designed and brought to market innovative new product [MediStori] using in-house design tools and creative methods for brand and marketing.