In 2012, I founded my own social enterprise. The first of our products was a person-centred care plan called MediStori. As planned, the principles, processes and ideology of MediStori are now being embedded into national care plans in the HSE, and I now share my experiences with many in the public, voluntary and private sector.

I was commissioned by the HSE to lead out on a national research project of MediStori of which you can find the published paper here. I even won investment on Dragons’ Den in 2017!

Please see below for some of the skill sets I have acquired.

2012 – 2018           MediStori                                         Title    CEO / Creative Founder

Key Roles                    Health Innovator, Advocate, Facilitator and Educator

Key Duties                 To provide, manage, oversee and govern all areas of the business including:

  • Financial Planning/Management: Tax/ VAT Returns, Banking, Invoicing; Cash Flow Analysis, P&L Analysis and Projections, Pricing, Purchasing, PRSI/PAYE; Secure loans/investments, Business Plans
  • Human Resources: Manage, train, hire staff/interns and subcontracts in accordance with policy/law
  • Business Legal: Develop, overview, negotiate, secure – business contracts, patents/IP, CRO duties, employment contracts, mediation, investment contracts/negotiations, NDA’s
  • Marketing/Branding: Develop and deliver high level B2B and B2C marketing and branding campaigns via online & traditional means in-line with PR strategy & mission statement
  • Quality Control: Product development, production, delivery, customer service, IT, data protection, certification, logistics, stock control, risk assessments, office management, comply with GDPR.
  • Public Relations: Manage and lead on all public campaigns. Speak at conferences/events, radio (national/local), enter competitions (awards), speak on national TV, create social media campaigns in-line with PR opportunities, research data prior to presenting
  • R&D: Performed internally/externally using multiple evidence-based tools. Perform high level research documents / peer reviews, with proven track record. Advise numerous charities, universities and SME’s in development of committees, BoM and related to patient advocacy.
  • Governance: Overall governance of business, ensuring work ethics, policies and procedures are adhered to at all times, in-line with Company Board of Director management agreements.
  • Strategic Development: Design and develop strategic plans for business projections, implementation of product/services, integration of values, communications (internal/external); financial planning
  • Project/Time Management: Overall management of multiple business projects simultaneously at high level with exceptional proven outcomes, nationally and internationally.
  • Communications: Customer relations, B2B and B2C relations, media relations. literacy, specifically health literacy. Team/Internal communications. Communicate via blogs, social media, research papers, presentations and local/national media outlets (TV/radio/newspapers/conferences)
  • Analytics: Continually monitor – sales activity, customer relations, national/ international policy, social media activity, website activity, staff engagement/growth, investigate opportunities, data policies and all other relevant aspects of the company.
  • IT Management: Design, deliver and maintain high level ecommerce website and online portals through social media domains. Ensure all IT systems secure to protect data and sensitive information. Create/manage appropriate content in-line with sales, marketing and PR strategy
  • Consultancy/ Lecturing: Provide training, advice and consultation services to numerous health care related established and start-ups businesses, public bodies and charities. Provide essential toolkits and strategies to ensure patient safety is priority for those engaged in healthcare.
  • Design and Development: Solely designed and brought to market innovative new product [MediStori] using in-house design tools and creative methods for brand and marketing.