DCU were requested by the Department of Health to aide in the development of Public Patient Involvement (PPI) in Clinical Effectiveness Processes in Ireland. I was commissioned by DCU to share insights and domain knowledge in relation to PPI. The first phase of this project was an international literature review of public patient involvement frameworks, policies and processes. The second phase was to develop a Framework for PPI in Ireland based on the findings from the literature review, and current best practice in Ireland. Through my professional and personal lived experiences I helped DCU co-author this framework. The output of this work can be seen here and in the attached PDF.

I have been a healthcare advocate and innovator, for many years and often am requested to share insights & domain knowledge through working in partnership with businesses, communities and charities, some of which are:

  • NDRC – Business Mentor for Health Tech Start-Ups (affiliated with eHealth Ireland)
  • SOUND – External facilitator for this charity; designing Terms of Reference & guidelines for their teams
  • ICAN – Designing an interactive PPI solution; facilitated multiple work shops with all stakeholders for JIA
  • National PPPG Framework HSE – Policy, Procedures and guidelines Programme (Ms Brid Boyce)
  • National QI Programme Prevention VTE Working Group (Dr Philip Crowley, Ms Ciara Kirke – HSE)
  • Paediatric Early Warning Score System (PEWS) Working Group (RCPI, NCEC Dr John Fitzsimons)
  • National Maternity Strategy Focus Group (National Women’s Council, DoH)
  • National Clinical Programme Paediatrics & Neonatology (NCEC, Dr Alf Nicholson)
  • Irish College General Practitioners (ICGP Public Representative Group, Dr. Margaret O’Riordan)
  • Zero Harm Medication Initiative Launch (Tallaght Hospital, Mr Tim Delaney)
  • National Sexual Health Strategy 2016 Working Group (HSE & DoH)
  • National Patient Forum, 2015 (HSE Quality Improvement Division)
  • National Medical Card Form Review Panel, 2016 (HSE)
  • National Health Service Vision 2026 Working Group 2016 (HSE)

In 2015, I was commissioned by the HSE to lead out on a national research project. The outputs of same can be seen in this written reference below from the Director General of the HSE, Mr John Connaghan. This paper was published in the International Journal of Integrated Care and the full paper can be viewed here.

Irish Children’s Arthritis Network

The Irish Children’s Arthritis Network (ICAN) saw a need to evaluate the needs of patients, parents, carers and health professionals related to the Transition of Care (Juveniles) into Adult Care. I have designed interactive workshops and facilitated all three sessions (adults, children and health professionals) with an aim to understand the issues, benefits and challenges with regards to transition of care for young teenagers. I analysed, reviewed and evaluated the outputs of the workshops with an aim for ICAN to inform key decision makers and national policy. I am currently an external advisor to the Chairperson and committee, in all areas related to governance, terms of reference, risk assessment and management, team building, PR and policy development.

World Health Innovation Summit

I have been involved with the World Health Innovation Summit since it was founded in 2015. Working directly with the CEO, Mr Gareth Presch and his international team I effectively supported the development of a culture that put focus on the value of local communities to people who work in or use health care services.  My role was to work in partnership with all who work in or use the health system to share experiences, innovations and aspirations. I developed the WHIS PODS structure; Mission, Vision and Value Statements, Terms of Reference and completed Frameworks for global WHIS teams to run Summits. I have supported Gareth in the development of the WHIS global team through PPI and provided international secretariat services for the operations team.

Roles: Director, COO, Ethical Governance Team Lead & Secretary. See some of my work here.

“Olive is a patient leader who has all the qualities needed to be successful. She listens, ascertains facts and acts with integrity. Olive is a patient leader who leads by example and I’m proud to work alongside such an inspirational woman. Olive’s innovative mind will play a big part in how our health and social care services will be developed locally, nationally and internationally. Olive to me represents what a social entrepreneur should be – a person who acts in the best interests of the community and it’s something that Olive does time and time again. She is a true champion of our community and is destined to make a difference not only today but for the generations to come.”

Gareth Presch, CEO World Health Innovation Summit [WHIS]

Tallaght Hospital

In 2017 I was asked by Chief Pharmacist of Tallaght Hospital, Mr Tim Delaney, to evaluate a medicine care plan which they had developed as part of a medication safety programme “Zero Harm”. Putting my design skills and domain knowledge into practice I helped the team effectively redesign their care plan to ensure it was as easy and safe to use for patients and carers. A link to their programme can be seen here.

On the request of Dr Minesh Khashu (Consultant Neonatologist/Prof. of Perinatal Health) together, with two amazing midwives, Ms Deirdre Munro and Ms Sally Goodwin worked collaboratively on an educational communication project called the Colostrum breastfeeding project. It was imperative that we used evidence based materials to support our materials and the voice of mothers, fathers, families and health professionals were included in this work. I provided a number of images to help educate all individuals on the importance of the first feed.

Self Employment – Social Entrepreneur

Minimate Ltd (MediStori)

In 2012, I founded Minimate Ltd. The first of our products was a person-centred care plan called MediStori. You can find everything you need to know about my this project here. As planned, the principles, processes and ideology of MediStori are now being embedded into national care plans in the HSE, and I now work as an advocate, consultant and mentor to many in the public, voluntary and private sector. I acquired many awards and testimonials for my work.

Title    CEO / Creative Founder See full résumé here.

Key Duties  To oversee and govern all areas of the business including: Financial Planning/Management; Human Resources; Business/Legal; Marketing/Branding; Quality Control; Public Relations; Research & Development; Governance; Strategic Development; Project/Time Management; Communications; Analytics; IT Management; Consultancy/ Lecturing; Design and Development