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My media, awards and achievements to date…

I have been very lucky over the years to have been given the opportunity to share my stories via various national and local media outlets.

Here are a few videos and links to some of these moments:

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I have been on National News (twice!)…



…and national talkshows too [please excuse dogs barking in the back!]

ireland am

I have been mentioned in national newspapers…

irish times

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…and by local reporters, newspapers and business associates too!

castlebar chamber

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2016-07-30 (3)

mayo news logowestern people article


galway advertiser article

galway advertiser

Galway Indo SCCUL Awards Ad

galway independant

connaught telegraph article

western people

National social media giant for families showcase my work…


…and in one week I achieved over 12 MILLION impressions on Twitter via @irishhealthhour @mayohour and @galwayhour:

2016-07-30 (5)

My interview is published by Dragons Dens Pitch Coach.

2016-07-30 (2)

Along the way, I have also spoken at many national and international events which were captured by the media…

whis picture

Speaking at the World Health Innovation Summit, UK

sccul speaker

Speaking at the Sccul Innovation Hub

speaking at ehealth ireland

Speaking at eHealth Ireland Ecosystem

medtec ireland speaker

Speaking at MedTec Ireland

File 31-07-2016 2 30 06 p.m.

Speaking at the launch of my MediStori project in the RCPI, alongside my daughter Micaela

health 2.0

Speaking at Health 2.0 Dublin, Ireland

Screenshot 2016-08-02 22.11.21

Speaking at 2nd International Vasco De Gama Conference

…and have myself been showcased globally by international leaders in healthcare.

maureen bisognano

Maureen Bisognano, Chairperson of International Healthcare Institute showcases MediStori in Qatar

I have also won many national awards over the years which received media attention…

2016-07-30 (6)mumsandtots

jci awardjci

new frontiers pic

enterprise ireland

…I have won local awards too…

scculsccul logo

…and was shortlisted for some amazing national and international awards…

2016-07-30 (4)silicon republic

File 31-07-2016 3 02 54 p.m.

Pictured here with the CEO of Virgin Ireland, Tony Hanway


2016-07-30 (12)sei

…of which global social media news busters shared my story to help me…

2016-07-30 (1)her.ie

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…as did national radio stations…

sunday business show

today fm

2016-07-30 (8)iradio

File 31-07-2016 3 02 14 p.m.

rte radio

…and local stations too.



File 31-07-2016 3 04 45 p.m.

crc fm

athlone fm

erris fm

I even sponsored one of our team members from my company for the Rose of Tralee!

rose of tralee

I have met many of the Dragons from Dragons Den…

bobby kerr

Bobby Kerr


Gavin Duffy

File 02-08-2016 1 36 59 p.m.

Norah Casey

…and also TV presenters…

File 02-08-2016 1 36 20 p.m.

Miriam O’Callaghan, on the set of PrimeTime

…even the CEO of our National Bank talked about me personally in this presentation!

Screenshot 2016-08-02 22.11.52

Pictured with CEO Bank of Ireland, Richie Boucher

I met many international leaders in healthcare…

Patient Safety Conference 2014 157 helen bevan

Pictured here with Helen Bevan; Chief of Service Transformation at the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement.

…and many have taken to supporting, writing and including me in their work!


ehealth ireland



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Global companies have asked me to write articles for them…


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…and I’ve been involved in the development of many national and international research projects.

pews 2

Paediatric Early Warning Score System Launch in Dublin Castle, Ireland

2016-07-30 (11)2016-07-30 (10)

Review of Patient and Public Involvement in National Clinical Guideline Developments and Audits, 2016

File 31-07-2016 3 03 38 p.m.

Involved in the 2026 Vision for Healthcare in the RCPI

File 31-07-2016 3 05 28 p.m.

Attending the HSE Masterclass, Pictured here with QID Manager HSE, Mr John Kenny

My work was even added as an Achieved Action Outcome by the HSE for the Department of Health’s work with Carers…

department of health

Click on image for Action Plan and see Page 11 for details on same

…even the unions helped me out when I needed extra support!


As featured in the Irish Pharmacy Union National Magazine

It has obviously really helped when An Taoiseach [Ireland’s Head of Government/Prime Minister], Mr. Enda Kenny endorsed my work…

…and when Aroyga World showcased my work at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York where attendees such as the United Nations, World Health Organisation and current and past Presidents of the USA, Mr Barack Obama and Mr Bill Clinton were in attendance!

Handpicked with 9 others out of 10,000 women across the world to be showcased as an example of managing NCD’s

So, all in all, it has been quite a journey and who knows what tomorrow will bring.

All I can say is thank you to all who have been so supportive of me and my work with the MediStori project. 

In my personal video below I have captured many of my happiest (and some of my saddest days) over the last four years…

My learning from being a social entrepreneur? It’s simple – I have learned that it is open communication, kindness and collaboration which are key to the success of any venture!

enda kenny pic

And on that note – onwards and upwards… 🙂

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