Shortlisted for KPMG Awards

At the end of Enterprise Irelands New Frontiers Programme, only a select few got on to the next round, Phase 3. This is where I became a finalist at this intensive stage to pitch to giants, KPMG.

“Our next winner is a mum to three children, who each have chronic illnesses. Keeping an eye on three children at the best of times isn’t easy, but Olive found herself really struggling to track all the medication, appointments and paperwork that went along with chronic illness. This led her to her fourth baby ‘MediStori’. This was the speech that led to me hearing that I had won the JCI Mayo Young Person in Medical Innovation Award 2015! I was completely taken aback because 1) Young Person!?! – I’m 33, haha and 2) I hadn’t entered the competition. I found out later that Áine, our amazing Project Manager in the MediStori team had nominated me for this amazing prize! After meeting some of the fantastic regional contestants and winners, I was taken by even more surprise when on the eve of my gentle dads anniversary, on the 16th May 2015, I went on to win the National Award for Medical Innovation. I met really and truly amazing people at this ceremony and felt both overwhelmed and privileged to be surrounded by same. It’s internationals next go and if I get there, next stop will be Tokyo! Áine has written a fantastic blog post on what JCI do and I would encourage everyone to read it… [click here to read blog]

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