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As a mom, patient and carer – and founder of the Global Village of Health Translation – I often find myself researching various health topics via “Dr. Google”.

One thing I never found online though was information about the benefits of the very first feed that you give to your new born baby – that was until I found myself having a very interesting online conversation with neonatologist, Prof Minesh Khashu; Irish Midwife, Deirdre Munro and UK Midwife, Sally Goodwin.

As a young mum (a long time ago, I might add!) with my first newborn, I don’t mind admitting I was not at all comfortable with breastfeeding. This stemmed from a fear of the public watching and judging me, or worse – my dad or brother seeing me breastfeeding.

And so, sadly, I didn’t breastfeed.

Too scared of society; too scared of my privacy being on show.

I write this from the heart because I made a pledge today with my fellow team members to change the perceptions of breastfeeding – and to show that if you only gave the first feed to your baby, in the privacy and safety of the labour ward with your kind health professionals supporting you, you would be giving your baby a gift of immunity, for life, through a powerful antibody known as Colostrum.

And just by starting this process, you might find that breastfeeding is just so natural, that it isn’t something anyone should ever be ashamed to do – and you may continue to enjoy the experience. I wish I had known this when I had had my children.

So we, as a team, co-designed this beautiful poster below to help create awareness of the benefits of the “first feed” and I am now delighted to say that this poster, and pledge, was published today through NHS #fabchangeday on Twitter.

We were overwhelmed when in just a few hours of going to post, we were then asked by various health professionals could they print it to shared in their various health care settings!

We would love to see this poster in as many hospitals, birthing centers and any other health settings across the world and we hope you might join in too, to promote the benefits of this amazing gift from Mother Nature. If we only help change one moms perspective, it will help one little baby – and hopefully will be passed on to each and every one of their children too.

We, as a team, pledge to change the perceptions; change the process and change the world – one mom and one baby at a time.

Can you pledge to do the same?

Because – Every Drop Counts.

Kindest regards,


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