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A little about myself…

Dreamer, Believer, Hardworker, Achiever…

Hello my name is Olive…

I live in the beautiful west coast of Ireland with my amazing little family. I am a mum to three beautiful daughters and am happy to say am married to my best friend, Fintan. I love to dance, to write, to listen to music and to watch Disney movies with my girls at every chance I get. I am most in my element when beside the ocean, soaking in as many ions as possible.

I care deeply about equality for all people, and strive to promote same. I think of our world as a global village.

Unfortunately  over the years I have gained vast experiences as a user of health services as my three children, husband and myself all have various complex health conditions. However, because of my learnings in 2012 after my dad took ill, I decided to help our health services by designing, developing, implementing and sharing proven practical solutions. These aides aim to help patients, carers and health care professionals alike, to better be able to work together to enable our health services to not only be more personable, but altogether safer.

I do this in many ways; through sharing knowledge and insights via my blogs; through my simple global project called the MediStori and through my facilitation and mentoring workshops with charities, SME’s and individuals!

A little about my values, ethics and experiences…

Having first hand experience in the issues that can arise from manoeuvering within our health system, I have a passion to drive, promote & educate all stakeholders on the importance of engagement & self management. Working with a fantastic team, I have undertaken extensive research with patients, carers & an immense range of health professionals to develop the simplistic, innovative personal health record system, the MediStori.

Supported by the HSE, the Carers Association, IPA & IPU, An Taoiseach [Ireland’s Prime Minister] has even said on international television that the MediStori can “save our health service millions”. Prior to this, I was also hand-picked from 10,000 other women from across the world to be videoed for the Clinton Global Initiative!

To ensure the project in hand is a success, I know the key is to be as educated as possible, and so I furthered my studies in Business, Legal, Youth Work & Society by qualifying through Stanford University as a Self Management Facilitator of Chronic Disease. I am also currently undertaking a Fellowship with ISQua & up-skilling with NALA [National Adult Literacy Agency]. I expertly adapt to my environment & end-users needs by personally engaging with all relevant stakeholders. I combine my analytical, logical & “attention to detail” qualities, with my love for simplistic design, to create the positive cultural change that the MediStori Movement will bring to health services across the globe.

I love to learn and love more to share and I do this through speaking internationally – my aim is to share everything I learn with as many as I can, because in healthcare, we are all here to either get better, or to help someone get better.

Please feel free to check out My Work page as I do a lot of facilitation work relating to team workman ship, and do so particularly well with charities and voluntary organisations. I sit on many working groups in health services and currently chair suicide awareness charity EasySpeak, which has over 10,000 members.

I am happy to help out anyone that needs it… for living. Here are a few snapshots from my world…please feel free to follow me on


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